Political Economy of Right Wing Populismus November 8/9th 2017

Political economy of „right wing populism“ –  working on strategies for to dealing with it

While the political and scholarly mainstream, when referring to Brexit and to Trump and Orban and Co., is discussing about a possible “end of globalisation” or about an “anti-modern backlash against globalisation”, a new kind of blackmail is brought to bear upon working people, upon poor people, upon people in precarious living conditions, as well as upon the political left wing and upon the ecologists (again, especially upon the ecological left wing).

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Alexander Kravchuk: Stocktaking Ukrainian Development. Scenarios of Ukrainian Development

To answer for the first question «what has changed for us after the crisis of 2007-2008» we need for a briefly characterizing Ukraine development until 2008. After predatory privatization of state property, which was estimated at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Ukraine in the hundreds of billions US dollars, More

Mathis Heinrich: The ECB and the Crises of the Eurozone

The European Central Bank (ECB) used to be a porotype of a politically, personally and financially independent institution with a strong ordo-liberal mandate. It duties were primarily focused on monetary stability, while others aspects such as financial issues More

Erika Feyerabend: The Science Issue – Reproduction Medicine or the Extension of the Zone of Exploitation 

Issues like reproduction medicine (and the kind of tourism linked to it), the practice of making use of „egg cell donors“ or of „surrogate mothers“ are commonly seen as a bio-ethical challenge. Then there is talk about „values“ More

Anej Korsika: Answers on the Workshop Questions

Short answer would be: everything has changed. Though dramatic changes that have occurred on almost all areas of social life can easily support such a bold claim, we still need to be weary of the very nature of such change. More

Leonidas Vatikiotis: Answers on the Workshop Questions

In a few words, everything has changed. Given that in Greece, the GDP has decreased more than 26% (something that has never happened again during peace period) and is going to decrease even more during 2016, the crisis has been proven to be the most significant turning point in the postwar period. More