Anej Korsika: Answers on the Workshop Questions

Short answer would be: everything has changed. Though dramatic changes that have occurred on almost all areas of social life can easily support such a bold claim, we still need to be weary of the very nature of such change. More

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Judith Dellheim

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Referentin Solidarische Ă–konomie

One thought on “Anej Korsika: Answers on the Workshop Questions”

  1. Questions for the discussion:
    1. Why was the left unable to use the crisis for becoming stronger? 2. Why even a radical change of the government in Greece could not start any real policy change? 3. Is there any essential connection between the global crisis and the free trade offensive? 4. Why the conditions to act have worsened for the left with the ongoing crisis?

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