Leonidas Vatikiotis: Answers on the Workshop Questions

In a few words, everything has changed. Given that in Greece, the GDP has decreased more than 26% (something that has never happened again during peace period) and is going to decrease even more during 2016, the crisis has been proven to be the most significant turning point in the postwar period. More

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Judith Dellheim

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Referentin Solidarische Ökonomie

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  1. Three remarks and questions for the discussion: 1. The Lisbon strategy that has significantly forced the neoliberal development of EU was adopted by a European Council with 13 (of totally 15) social democratic governments/coalitions. Social democrats were among the most aggressive opponents against the first Syriza-coalition government. Have we to conclude that one of the main problems is the coaliton between the social democrats and the TNC with their political representatives? 2. Is the fact that Greece is excluded from the EU law any reflection of a state of emergency (Ausnahme-Zustand)? 3. What is the condition for the mentioned by Leonidas positive scenario?

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