Alexander Kravchuk: Stocktaking Ukrainian Development. Scenarios of Ukrainian Development

To answer for the first question «what has changed for us after the crisis of 2007-2008» we need for a briefly characterizing Ukraine development until 2008. After predatory privatization of state property, which was estimated at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Ukraine in the hundreds of billions US dollars, More

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Judith Dellheim

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Referentin Solidarische Ökonomie

One thought on “Alexander Kravchuk: Stocktaking Ukrainian Development. Scenarios of Ukrainian Development”

  1. Cyprus belongs to the EU and under point 3. “European capitalism” is mentioned. We face the challenge to analyse the role of the EU for the development of Ukraine and to speak about scenarios of Ukraine-EU Relations related to the Ukrainian development. When under Point 3. the “political will” of the Ukrainian elites is questioned, but the possible scenarios under point 4. demand a completely different state, the question is: how to start real societal changes from below while being in a political defensive? What does it mean for the left in the Ukraine and in the EU?

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