Joachim Bischoff / Bernhard Müller: Right-wing populism: An answer to the crisis of democratic capitalism

In broad areas of Europe as well as in North America, right-wing populist movements and parties have a substantial following and have chalked up impressive electoral successes. In Germany too, after some delay, this trend has set in. In Germany and Europe in general, right-wing populist movements are characterised by four central hallmarks: more

Tomáš Nociar: Whose Failure is the Rise of the Far Right?

In recent years several EU countries have been facing a growing support for far right parties. Slovakia, my home country, is not an exception here. A couple of years ago the Slovak Prime Minister and leader of the social democratic party Smer, Robert Fico was asked if he felt any personal responsibility in this matter. He rejected this idea as nonsense and argued more


Peter Herrmann: Moving forward against the fallback

The fundamental first question is if we can still speak of a political left and right. And a definitive affirmation is underlying the main argument of the following. The reason for raising this issue is not the general ‘totalitarianism doctrine’ but its specific resurgence based on the view of both, left and right, being populist-authoritarian – as such,  More Continue reading Peter Herrmann: Moving forward against the fallback

Four theses for the discussion

  1. “Right populism” is a misleading term because it confuses “populism” as a communication technique aiming at influencing, activating and organising individuals and collective agents in contemporary societies with the notion of an extreme right wing policy. Trump and May and Orban and Co. should also be analysed in this double perspective.

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Political Economy of Right Wing Populismus November 8/9th 2017

Political economy of „right wing populism“ –  working on strategies for to dealing with it

While the political and scholarly mainstream, when referring to Brexit and to Trump and Orban and Co., is discussing about a possible “end of globalisation” or about an “anti-modern backlash against globalisation”, a new kind of blackmail is brought to bear upon working people, upon poor people, upon people in precarious living conditions, as well as upon the political left wing and upon the ecologists (again, especially upon the ecological left wing).

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Marica Frangakis: The Multiple Meanings of EU Exit and Their Implications for the Future of Europe

A significant change has taken place in the EU state of affairs in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, which morphed into a debt crisis in the Eurozone. What was thus far unthinkable became a possibility.  The exit of a member state from the Union came to be contemplated, speculated and acted upon. More 

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