Peter Herrmann: Populism in the Light of Political Economy – Tentative Reflections

While it is important to investigate the role of socio-economic shocks and simplifying ‘analyses’ of populist demagogues, standing behind the immediate dangers of populist threats, the present contribution outlines the need for and contours of a thorough analysis of the current formation. Reference to a broadly understood and somewhat refined regulationist theory more

Mariano Feliz: A comment

To understand that the rise of rightwing populism is, on the one hand, the result of the fragmentation of conditions of social reproduction due to neoliberal policies. Such policies have put into crisis the political composition of the working people. In that sense, on the other hand, right-wing populism is the result of the crisis of the left in the sense of being unable to articulate Continue reading Mariano Feliz: A comment

Jan Toporowski: One very important feature of ‘right-wing populism’

There is one very important feature of ‘right-wing populism’ which is central to its appeal and its political economy. This is its rejection of ‘neo-liberalism’, and its blaming of the miseries of the working class and poor business on neo-liberal, cosmopolitan capitalism. In place of this, right-wing populism offers policies of national solidarity Continue reading Jan Toporowski: One very important feature of ‘right-wing populism’