Leonidas Vatikiotis: The Debt Issue and EU Scenarios

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Judith Dellheim

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Referentin Solidarische Ökonomie

One thought on “Leonidas Vatikiotis: The Debt Issue and EU Scenarios”

  1. Some questions for the discussion:
    1. What is the reason for the cannibalistic creditor-debtor relationship?
    2. Is the term “core and periphery” appropriate for explaining the deep inequality between EUmember states as creditors and debtors?
    3. Which interests are behind the Five-Presidents-Report (stocktaking-scenarios.blog.rosalux.de/2015/08/21/attention-five-presidents-report/)
    4. What could be a radical and realistic demand/strategy for tackling the creditor-debtor relationship?

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