Marica Frangakis: Living with the Euro. The Greek Experience

Presentation at the Podemos Summer School in Madrid

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Judith Dellheim

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Referentin Solidarische Ă–konomie

One thought on “Marica Frangakis: Living with the Euro. The Greek Experience”

  1. Some more questions in addition to those in my comment to :
    1. What does the fact mean that the memorandums don’t respond to the EU law?
    2. Why the European left have not seriously battled for the basic rights of the Greek population, also not while Syriza and its government were (are) fighting? Why haven’t the European left identified common interests with their Greek comrades and collagues?
    3. Do we face any special kind of EU colonialism?
    4. Why the European battle for debt cancellation haven’t become a serious topic on the agenda of the European left?

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