Georgi Medarov: Land Concentration, Land Grabbing and Land Conflicts in Europe: The Case of Boynitsa in Bulgaria

This chapter examines the socio-historical processes in Bulgaria that have led to the very visible trend of land centralisation, or land grabs, since 2007. It draws on a case study of land grabbing near the village of Boynitsa in northwest Bulgaria. This region, often described as the ‘poorest region in the EU’ More

Mathis Heinrich: The ECB and the Crises of the Eurozone

The European Central Bank (ECB) used to be a porotype of a politically, personally and financially independent institution with a strong ordo-liberal mandate. It duties were primarily focused on monetary stability, while others aspects such as financial issues More

Erika Feyerabend: The Science Issue – Reproduction Medicine or the Extension of the Zone of Exploitation 

Issues like reproduction medicine (and the kind of tourism linked to it), the practice of making use of „egg cell donors“ or of „surrogate mothers“ are commonly seen as a bio-ethical challenge. Then there is talk about „values“ More

Etienne Balibar: Borderland Europe and the Challenge of Migration

We tend to think that the external limits of the European Union define the ‘real’ borders of Europe, which is a mistake. Confronted with the violent obscene images that have been reaching us ever since the influx of refugees More

Anej Korsika: Answers on the Workshop Questions

Short answer would be: everything has changed. Though dramatic changes that have occurred on almost all areas of social life can easily support such a bold claim, we still need to be weary of the very nature of such change. More

Judith Dellheim: (Again) On Capitalist Oligarchies

We can find such terms like „groups of elites“ or „ruling capital fractions“ in some posts on this blog. And reviewing the blogs for/of the previous EUexperts’ discussions, two remarks seem to be helpful: 1. the time, when the concept More

Prof Michel Chossudovsky: The Paris Terrorist Attacks, “9/11 French-Style”, “Le 11 septembre à la française”

Within minutes following the attacks, which were launched simultaneously, and prior to the release of a preliminary report by the police, France’s media went into overdrive. News commentators and intelligence analysts on France’s network TV stated with authority that the attacks emanated from Syria More

Frieder Otto Wolf: How to Use the Present Crisis for Fighting for a Constitutional Process of the European Union

The European Union is an institutionalized association of member states which is functioning as a central element of the present global political and economical constellation of powers. Like this present constellation of powers on a global scale the EU is a structure of domination in which the capital groups More